Beauty From Within

Self perception can be our biggest enemy when we prepare to get ready for the day.  Many times, we decide what we are going to wear based on our feelings. If we started seeing who we really are on the inside, we would feel better about ourselves. Positive thoughts would start to flow, and we would believe with all of our hearts that we could do and be whatever and whoever we wanted.
A style change is a force: a force so powerful that some women never even go there. Forcing ourselves to perceive things differently is very difficult. The very fact that we can walk into a restaurant and spot so many women who clearly need a makeover is our proof. Proof that we are afraid. Afraid of what  WE like, because we want to be accepted. So we make EXCUSES for ourselves… and don’t tell me you don’t do this. YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON THAT CAN STOP YOU. You are the only person that gets in your way of branching out, trying new things, and being complete yourself. Some might say, ” I am myself all of the time,” but if we were to dig deep into the recess of your brain, we would see how much you would like to do with your style, but YOU are AFRAID.
Most women do not like what they see in the mirror, so instead of embracing it, they FIGHT it. They don’t even try when they get ready in the morning; they just throw on a hoodie. Or you have those women who retaliate and just keep adding and adding. You all know who I am talking about, bedazzled butts and all.
If and when you can start to see yourself differently, you will FEEL differently, as well. The right article of clothing can make you feel 15lbs lighter if you just step out of your comfort zone and embrace the change. Stop thinking so much! If we acted as much as we thought, we would go far. Positive thoughts bring positive reactions. You will try out that summer trend, because you already feel good about you and who you are.
We all know those women who are motivated about different things in their lives. Some really take a grasp on weight-loss and they lose 25 lbs. Some women are really good at sales and they become wealthy. Some are runners and they win medals from marathons. Style can be the same thing for you, if you let it. You can have a passion for the way you look. Not for your husband, boyfriend, children, family or friends, but for you! YOU deserve to be the best possible version of yourself. Let go of the fear of the unknown and embrace it. It’s a process and it’s time to begin…beauty-of-a-woman-is-not-in-the-clothes
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