Fashion With Friends

This past fall I had the amazing opportunity to speak at two different events here in our area.  The first meeting was  a Mary Kay event with over 50 ladies in attendance.  I presented to the ladies colors for fall as well as versatile outfits they could wear when meeting with clients etc.  This event was so encouraging for me and I loved every minute of it!  When the host said I would need models for the event I quickly called up my besties and we went to work.  We pulled together their outfits in less than a weeks time and I think everyone looked amazing!

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Below are a few pointers I gave the ladies.

The importance of making a good impression.
I am a firm believer in first impressions – not because they are necessarily truthful or even fair – but, because each and every one of us judge by what we first notice in a person.  For instance, when I came to this platform, you all instantly formed an opinion in your mind.  Now, I might change that opinion while talking to you today, but that is where my personality shines through.
Whether you like it or not, you are in the world of fashion, and if you want to be great, it is very important that you look great.  For example ,I went to the MAC counter the other day in Macy’s with a friend.  I was so bothered by the girls appearance, I did not want her anywhere near my face, much less selling her product to me.  “What was so wrong with her,” you ask?:  her appearance.  It bothered me so much, I just simply walked away!  She looked very disheveled, her clothes were wrinkled, and her shoes were old and scuffed up.  Not to mention her bleeding lipstick onto her skin.  If you want to sell your product, you have to sell yourself first!  If you walk into the room and your appearance immediately demands attention you are headed in the right direction.
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