Lunch At Noon, Tee Off At Two

Okay, I’m sure we’ve all seen the girl wearing the tee shirt with a tutu going around on Pinterest. When I first saw this concept, I nearly fell out of my chair! What… Continue reading

Christmas Styling

I wanted to share my Christmas Styling Special with you all, my dearest friends!  Want to take your Holiday photos to a whole new level this year!  Let me help!  Together we can… Continue reading

“for thereby some have entertained angles unawares…”

Ah, it feels good to sit down and hear the clicking of my laptop keys again. I’ve missed the serenity of it. The sense of accomplishment once a post has been born for… Continue reading

She’s Screaming Expensive

I am a firm believer in feeling and looking expensive in everything that I do.  I am more likely to buy the box of chocolates with the ginormous bow on top, because it… Continue reading

Beauty From Within

Self perception can be our biggest enemy when we prepare to get ready for the day.  Many times, we decide what we are going to wear based on our feelings. If we started seeing who… Continue reading

Mirror Mirror

I was recently reading about self acceptance: taking life as it is right now with all the guts and glory and accepting it.  If we choose to accept all of it, all of… Continue reading

Post Partum Pound Depression

The other day my husband walks in the room and loudly proclaims, “Hey, I lost 10 lbs!!!”, to which I sarcastically replied, “Well, good for you.”  Should I be happy for my husband?… Continue reading

Fashion With Friends

This past fall I had the amazing opportunity to speak at two different events here in our area.  The first meeting was  a Mary Kay event with over 50 ladies in attendance.  I… Continue reading

New Year, New Goals, New Me

Hey! Hey!  It’s 2013 some said we would never see the light of today, yet here we are.  I am ecstatic about this year!!!  I have resolved to meet my resolutions and become… Continue reading

My Miracle From God

Well, here I go. My first blog post in like a century! Ok, really it was only 3 months or so, but it feels like forever! This post is not gonna be about… Continue reading